What actually happens to a child when both parents decide to divorce

No one is expecting a divorce. However, divorce is a real thing and happens around us. Some time ago had preached how a junior high school decided to end his life because he could not face the divorce his parents. Do not mean to blame one party, this article will only explain what the adverse effects of divorce on a child.

Declining academic achievement
Divorce parents are able to drain emotions and child labor, this ultimately affect their spirit in learning. Not infrequently children with divorced parents are found to have decreased academic achievement and even forced to stay class.

Divorced parents are a blow to a child. Divorce is bad news that not infrequently makes a child face severe pressure, until finally culminate in depression if not handled immediately.

Easily affected by bad things
Not infrequently children with divorced parents experience a crisis of affection. To cope with this kind of situation the child will usually try to get attention from the place or others. This condition is very vulnerable and dangerous for a child, many irresponsible people will take advantage of the situation of children and teach them bad things.

Child’s behavior becomes rough
Without the presence of a loving parent, a child will experience an exemplary crisis. The impact that often happens is a behavioral change, in which the child’s behavior will turn into a rough and often become wild.

Low quality of life
Each child will only grow healthy and strong if the needs of board, food and clothing are able to be met well by both parents. Therefore, in the case of divorce not infrequently makes a child’s quality of life to be low, the child also became more sick because of not getting the attention he should have.

Experiencing sexual harassment
Wrong association and lack of protection from both parents cause a child vulnerable to sexual harassment. A data from the Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI), as quoted from liputan6.com, mentions “The number of victims of child sexual abuse is increasing every year, from 2013 to 2014 alone the increase even reaches 100%, be it victims or perpetrators “.

# How to minimize the impact of divorce on a child?

Divorce always leaves a deep grief on every child. However, how much impact a child has, according to child psychologist Rose Mini, all depends on how and what causes the parents to end their marriage. Further explained by him, the more parents use ways that are not arrogant, then the impact of divorce on children will not be too significant.

Here are six things that parents can do to minimize the impact of divorce, so hopefully children still gain affection and their mental and emotional growth is not disturbed.

1. Explain to the child, sensibly, what is the reason you both decided to divorce.
2. You two may divorce, but relationships and communication with children should not be broken.
3. Never make a child think who is causing the divorce, try to stay neutral and let the children respect you as their parents.
4. Do not show hostility, children can still feel the affection of you both if you and the former keep in good communication for the children.
5. Never eliminate togetherness with children, take your time and get together often.
6. Be adult, the divorce should happen wisely. Do not involve the children in your problem, let the kids still feel the affection from you both.

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