Pros and Cons Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is a free game for Android in the MOBA style. By copying the look and gameplay of the classic League of Legends, the Youngjoy game delivers immediate fun in the 5vs5 multiplayer style. The mobile game simplifies some mechanics of the genre but retains much of the style with a focus on multiplayer gaming.

Our opinion

The first thing that draws attention in Mobile Legends is the similarity with League of Legends. From the logo to the scenes, to the graphics, the game is very much like the success of Riot Games. If originality is lacking, there is more visual quality and gameplay, as the game has good graphics and commands perfectly adapted to the touchscreens.

Each match has 10 character battles for the Arena domain. In the beginning, the game consists of only random matches in which teams are chosen from real players and characters controlled by the game. Upon reaching level 10, the player unlocks ranked matches that are exclusive to players and count points to climb the ranking.

The great differential is in the mechanics of buying items to evolve the character during the match. Instead of an intricate selection menu, Mobile Legends only flashes on-screen suggestions and the player must tap them to buy the items. Action commands are greatly simplified. On the left side of the screen is a directional analog and on the right side, an action button, a defensive and skill buttons. As your hero climbs level, you can unlock new levels for each skill.

By tapping the attack button, the character instantly attacks nearby enemies. To continue attacking, simply keep your finger on the button. Skill buttons are different because some skills need direction. When touching the skills, the button will turn another directional and the player can choose the direction of the attack.

Mobile Legends is all in Portuguese and is focused on quick games, up to 15 minutes. It’s not a game that competes with PC classic MOBA like League of Legends and DotA, but it’s a great game to pass the time.

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Good graphics
Gameplay very similar to that of PC MOBAs
Many references to League of Legends, Dota 2 and Heroes of the Storm


Little originality
Few online players

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