Popular Child Development Baby Doll To Buy

Child Development Baby Doll

Child development baby doll is an important toy for your beloved baby or toddler. By playing a baby doll, your beloved toddler can train their sensitivity especially when they have brother or sister in the future. Do you have any baby doll for toddler for your reference? If it is not, check the list here and choose the best one to buy.

Child Development Baby Doll

Child Development Baby Doll from JC Toys

Just let your 2 years old children play with this child development baby doll. This is because the doll looks like a real baby. It is important to make your children get used to touch baby as well as taking care of it. They can do anything with the baby doll including playing, taking a bath, and changing the outfit. You can let your children clean the baby doll with water and even soap just like when they take a bath. While playing, it triggers their social skills. Just remember that it is made from a manufacturer which has more than 30 years of experience. You can buy additional outfit to make the baby cuter and lovelier. Actually, it is not only suitable for 2 years old but also for children up to 8 years old.

Child Development Baby Doll from La Baby

This is 11 inch baby doll which can be used to develop social skill. Because it is designed to develop the social skill of your children, it is made as realistic as it can. The vinyl material is used for the head, arm, and leg, along with real texture and color. The size and shape are handy enough to hold and carry. Just buy this doll as a special gift for your 18 months children. The outfit makes the doll even more realistic. At the same time, this child development baby doll can be washed. Let your children remove the outfit and take a bath together with the doll. For more interesting, the doll is offered with several skin colors. Those are Hispanic, African American, Asian, and Caucasoid blue and pink.

Child Development Baby Doll from Berenguer

The baby doll set from Berenguer is a perfect option for those who want to give special gift for your beloved children. It is also useful for those who want to use as nursery treatment. The outfit is easy to remove and the baby doll can wash just like when you treat a realistic baby. It is a multifunction child development baby doll whether for your children or adult. But if you want to have a doll that really realistic, you can use the full body slicone baby on the market online.

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