HP Printer Setup for Wireless Connection

The recent type of HP printer is supported by wireless configuration. It means that you are able to print the document by taking advantage Wi-Fi support. It makes the activity of printing run flexibly in which you can print from everywhere in range. in this article, we would like to discuss the step of running the HP printer setup especially for wireless setup wizard.

For some newer edition of HP printer, they are supported by auto wireless connect. You are no need to connect the printer with the computer or even enter the password to the wireless network. However, in some cases, HP auto wireless connect is not compatible with some computers. It may be caused by some factors like the incompatible OS, the printer cannot retrieve the current network setting of computer, etc.

If the case HP automatic wireless connect cannot run well, it means you need to run the wireless setup wizard. To run this one of HP printer setup, you can do some following steps.

·         Firstly, before you run the wireless setup wizard, you have to activate WPS (Wi-Fi protected Setup). There are two modes that can be used to connect the device with over the wireless connection. There are PIN and also pushbutton. For the further explanation, you need to consult with the manual of the printer you get when you buy it.

·         Secondly, to run the wireless setup wizard, make sure that you know the name of the network and its security password. It relates with the step of WPS previously.

·         Third, you need to open the printer control panel. Then click the setup button. After that, you can select the Network menu. Then, the wireless setup wizard will display a list of wireless network.

·         Fourth, you can choose the network names that are available on the list of wireless setup wizard. If you are not able to find your network name, you can enter the name of your network manually. Make sure you are not wrong when typing the characters.

·         After typing the name of your network, don’t forget to enter the password or passphrase. Then, the printer will connect to the wireless connection. You are able to print whatever you want to print effortlessly.

These are the method or step in setting up the HP printer setup wireless. Hopefully, those can be useful for you when you intend to run the wireless connection of HP printer. 

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