Galaxy Note 5 Deals

Now is the right time to assess the latest Samsung products. Since the arrival of a new family of Galaxy Note 5 Deals, Samsung became a byword among many. One of the hottest conversations was discussed about the quality of a smart phone screen. In fact, because of this screen, the Galaxy Note and Galaxy 5 S6 Edge + received the title of either of Display Mate.

Maybe before, you think if the Galaxy Note 5 Deals is not much different from its predecessor the Galaxy Note 4. But not to Display Mate, he knows for sure that the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has the best smart phone screen quality, especially when using an OLED screen.

Samsung show new smart phones with higher brightness level than its predecessor. In practice, this suggests that Galaxy Note 5 Deals offers better visibility in bright ambient light scenarios. Although the brightness has been increased, the screen Galaxy Note 5 show better power efficiency and overall lower power draw than the Galaxy Note 4.

Overall, according to Display Mate 5 Galaxy Note and Galaxy S6 Edge + still be the best for business smart phone screen display. As for the type of OLED and LCD screen still debated which of the two is best. However, by far the best LCD screen is still held by the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

In some cases, the majority of smart phone vendors did create a special variant in certain countries. As recently performed by Samsung in its newest product Galaxy Note 5.

As informed earlier, Samsung again received criticism because it did not include an external memory (microSD slot) on the device. However, in a variant that was released exclusively in the Philippines, the Galaxy Note 5 armed with a microSD slot.

The exclusive variants it also provides features Dual SIM Card. Unfortunately, there is no further information whether this exclusive variant will only be present in the Philippines alone or not.

But in many cases, a special variant of this kind usually only be produced and sold on a limited basis in some countries (adjust the market). That is, a special variant may not be produced if a country already has a factory default variant sales figures are good.

Smartphone with QWERTY keyboard has bounced back. It can be found in the latest Samsung smart phone Galaxy Note 5. Although only in the form of accessories, Samsung step should be appreciated. Because, the current era of mobile phones with a QWERTY keyboard has long been abandoned by competitors other gadgets.

Samsung makes this keyboard as well as a protective cell phone. So, in addition to carrying an elegant display, QWERTY keyboard cover can also protect your phone from impact. Unfortunately, these accessories are still priced relatively expensive at about USD 1.1 million.

Samsung has recently released two new devices in the Samsung Galaxy unpacked event title in 2015 Episode 2. Galaxy Note and Galaxy 5 S6 Edge +.

Galaxy Note 5 Deals and Galaxy S6 Edge + combines form and function with new features, including screen technology weapons, cameras for photos and high quality video, wireless charger and the latest fast charger, as well as a very fast processor. So what was the advantage of the two devices?

Galaxy S6 Egde + best multimedia experience

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + a success Galaxy S6 Edge designs become more sophisticated. The newest feature on this device is the ‘Apps Edge’ which is said to allow you access to preferred applications. In addition, the development of ‘People Edge’ is easy for communication to the contact of your choice by moving the screen edge.

‘People Edge’ also helps the user to connect with those closest to you easily. Not only that with this features, users can easily finds the contact that has been set up and send messages or make calls directly.

5 Galaxy Note is perfect for multi-takers

Galaxy Note 5 is an amazing increase in the circuit for excellence Samsung Galaxy Note. This device has a typical design Galaxy S6; Galaxy Note 5 has a curvature on its back so it is more comfortable to grip.

In addition, this device is designed to help you do the job faster. Galaxy Note S-Pen 5 has the latest that feels more solid and balanced when in use. In addition, the S-Pen offers the ability to write better and a wide variety of practical equipment.

Well, you choose which one?

After a long wait, Samsung finally officially launched the Galaxy Note 5 on Thursday August, 13. The launch site is selected Samsung this time is New York, United States.

By design, the Galaxy Note 5 Deals turns as previously rumored that borrows Galaxy S6. In fact, in some sectors of the hardware specifications were also made similar to the Galaxy S6. Call it like the camera or operating system.

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