Failure to build a household does not mean you have to fail in educating children

Pengacara Perceraian

Failure to retain a marriage and end up in a divorce is certainly not to be your dream of building a home. Pengacara Perceraian However, when it has happened you need to immediately rise up to improve yourself and not to continue to dissolve in the sadness. Pengacara Perceraian Any divorce causes it to leave a bitter taste in your life, but you need to remember even though it has failed to build a household does not mean you have to fail in educating children. Yes, children still need the support and affection of both parents. Pengacara Perceraian In the duties and duties of taking care of and rearing children, both of you must be able to ignore the personal ego and the problems that have led to the end of your marriage. You need to remember the duties and obligations as a parent is a lifetime call that will never be released.

Pengacara Perceraian

Parenting functions and roles can not be replaced by anything. The question is, what should you do to make your child feel comfortable even though now you are both no longer bound in a marital relationship?

Make peace with the former
It is undeniable that a divorce will leave you with deep pain and disappointment in your heart. However, this should not let you protracted especially if the children know you still harbor resentment and resentment against your ex. Therefore, immediately reconcile and focus your attention both on the mental, emotional and spiritual development of children. Luckily when the age of divorce children still do not understand what is going on with their parents, but if you already understand the approach slowly and convince them that your divorce will not reduce your affection and attention both to them.

Understand the child’s feelings
Parents should understand that children do not have emotional maturity in the face of divorce, so understanding what they feel will help you know how they feel. You also should not be easily provoked by actions that they may show such as sadness, disappointment, anger, even to leave home. To overcome this point show your tolerance and slowly divert their attention to the positive things so that they can rediscover their happiness and perhaps even their lost confidence.

Spend some time hanging out with your ex
This may not be easy, but you both should be willing to do it for the good of your baby. You need to make sure that children are able to communicate actively with both parents and be willing to listen to all sighs. Thus the children are expected to still get the guidance and decent figures from both parents.


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Ask for support from family
After divorce you certainly need time in order to recover your mental state. You should also realize after a divorce you can not single-handedly raise your children. Therefore, support from close family is very much needed for your children to get the love and attention they really need.

You need to know divorce can never break the relationship between parent and child, taking time to gather together will make the child feel comfortable so avoid the crisis of exemplary. In essence, children depend on their parents so that their mental, psychological and faith growth are not disturbed. Remember, behind every divorce there are still many things you have to deal with, so do not necessarily be confident that after divorce everything will be fine.

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