Building Automation System

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In various industrial and commercial sectors the use of electrical energy is a problem that is not easily solved. Because it involves various factors about labor, equipment, machine maintenance, or operating system. Equipment that usually enlarges electricity bills,

Air – Conditioning

3 Phase Induction Motors

Water – Chiller HVAC

Water Coller

Colling Water Pump



Water heater

AHU, usually requires an automated operating system to simplify the job.

Various problems arise due to the lack of control and monitoring of the system, and mis-information or lack of technical understanding, especially the problems of automatic control of various control systems such as temperature control, pressure, flow, become the main problem of wasting electrical energy.

Start Stop Control Auto Lighting Light

Lighting panels are usually made in the form of a manual switching system involving multiple push buttons, selector switches and multiple relays or magnetic contacors, which are connected to light devices that are divided into multiple rooms within a building or factory.

Automatic lighting control and monitoring systems can be performed using a GlobalConnex BAS system that works based on automatic program commands. Given the control of ON OFF is not efficient then need to be made an automated system. It involves several relays and a magnetic contactor and several controller modules connected to a programmable computer from globalconnex.

Hydrant Pump Control System, Water Heater, Chiller, AHU and Saving Energy.

AHU BAS compressor bass

AC units for buildings or buildings are electrical devices that absorb considerable electrical energy or 60% to 70% of total electricity usage. This is because the number of electric motor units and operating systems and controls are still manual so inefficient. And some control systems still use the old principle of operated start delta that can no longer work balanced to control unit load automatically. Even AHU or Chiller systems do not work based on the required cooling requirement volume but always operate as well as high or low needs. Another cause of high electricity consumption is the Chiller or AHU system does not work based on an integrated system in a close loop between the room temperature control unit and the chiller control unit or AHU.

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