Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables for Health Body

In the body we have levels of water content in an amount that is not less. Not surprisingly, we must often consume water that they prevented the body from dehydration. In addition, our body which consists of a number of water also must be balanced with other nutrients such as vitamins and minerals which has the task to regenerate body cells so that the body is always healthy and fit.

One of them is to frequently consume fruits and vegetables. The benefits of fruits and vegetables we’ve heard and even not a few who already feel it. However, there is no harm if flipping back the benefits of both.

Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables for Health Body

Fruits and vegetables have a variety of vitamins and minerals required by the body. Vitamins and minerals that has the function to meet the body’s nutritional intake everyday so that the body always fit and healthy.
Benefits of Fruits & Vegetables Fruits for Healthy Body

Even some of the content in fruit and vegetables can prevent cancer cell growth as an antioxidant that can scavenge free radicals that can damage the body. No wonder that when you were young, your mother often scolded for eating vegetables and fruit. Believe me it was for the good of you own.

The benefits of fruit and vegetables for the body to have so many benefits. This is because the content in fruits and vegetables which varied as vitamins and minerals which is high, then the fiber of eminence can aid digestion, can bring obesity as well as to lower cholesterol levels is relatively high, blood pressure which is more stable and even can prevent the occurrence of cancer.

Moreover, if you diligently consume fruits and vegetables that variegated colors so that the body you accustomed to a variety of fruit and vegetables so that the accumulation of vitamins and minerals due to eating certain types of fruits and vegetables.

Viewing the content of the fruit and vegetables, do not be surprised if fruit and vegetable sizzler has excellent benefits for the body which can impact on health. Here are some of the benefits of fruits and vegetables for health, among which are:

1. Can lower blood pressure

Some fruits and vegetables have a womb that can lower blood pressure you. If you have a history of high blood pressure, you can eat fruits and vegetables such as bananas, potatoes, carrots and even bits of fruit and vegetables are also other fruits containing potassium content is relatively high.

2. Lowers cholesterol levels

High cholesterol levels that can have on health risks such as the impact of heart disease. Cholesterol levels can be lowered still diligently consume fruits and vegetables. Type of fruit and vegetables that can you consume them are pears, spinach s / d vegetable pumpkins.

3. Increased immune system

The benefits of fruits and vegetables the other is to improve the immune system of the body. it is because the fruit and vegetables have vitamin C which is fairly high. The content of vitamin C that can keep the body healthy and fit is also not easily hurt.

4. Teeth and bones healthy and strong

Fruits and vegetables also contain vitamins and minerals have that can maintain bone health as well as your teeth. You can consume fruits and vegetables containing high calcium content which like spinach, kale vegetable vegetables even with the type of radish.

You can eat fruit and vegetables a way to cook, consumed raw or if you like you can eat it in juice or extracted juice. Fruit & vegetable juice benefits similar to the benefits of fruit and vegetables which are another. You could be the creation of various types of vegetables or fruit in a glass of juice to find that the maximum benefit.

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