5 Function Access Point

You must often hear the term access point in internet usage. The existence of access point is very important, because through access point device we can connect with the internet. But do you know what is access point? What does it do and how does it work?

Access Control. Maybe you are curious about the term, or are looking for information about access point. Well, this time we will discuss about access point function, also understanding and how it works. Make sure read to finish yes, so you can get the information thoroughly. You should also read the working principles of computer networks as additional information.

Understanding Access Point

Access point is one of the devices in computer network. Access point is a gateway that must be passed by a device to get into the local network that has been configured. Access point consists of antenna and transceiver, function as transmitter and receiver signals from and to client server. Simply access point set up devices such as PC, Laptop, PDA, etc. to be able to enter and connect in a certain network, so the device can also connect to the internet. (Also read: device to access internet, Software Used for Accessing Internet)

But unlike Routers that can manage data flow, access points only connect or not connect devices based on true / wrong password given device. So, the more users connected to the network, the network connection (internet) will be slower. But today the average access point has built-in router so it can also manage the data flow. (Also Read: Router Type Types and Functions, Bridge Differences and Routers)

Wireless Access Point
One access point is quite familiar, because most likely we often use is Wireless Access Point. Wireless Access Point is spread everywhere, whether at home, at work / school, also in public spaces like café, airport, to city parks. Wireless Access Point enables other wireless devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, projectors, etc. to access local network (LAN) and connect to the internet. (Also read: LAN function, working principle of local area network)

Hot spot
Hotspot is the application of Wireless Access Point that we often encounter and use, because it is widely available in public places such as cafes, hotels, airports, hospitals, etc.. Hotspot provides internet access provided by a particular network. To be able to access it, we just need to write down the password provided by the network provider. (Also Read: How To Connect Wifi To Laptop, The Advantages Of Using WLANs Instead Of Media Cable)

Access Point Function
In general, Point Access function is to set the client – client to be (or can not) connected in a network. But if specified, access point has various functions as follows:

Transmit data and internet connection via radio waves. For this, the better the signal strength, the access point reach will be more widespread.
As a Hub that connects a local network (LAN) that uses a cable with a wireless network (read also: advantages and disadvantages of wired networks).
Set the access point to function as a Dynamicc Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Server, so that IP Adrees granted for each connected device is automatically assigned.
Sets the access a device gets based on the device’s MAC Address. MAC Adress (Media Access Control) is a unique identifier that is owned by all network cards (read: understanding of NIC).
Implement WEP and WPA security features.
WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) is a wireless network security method with authentication of key matches on the access point and provided by the client. The WEP method is often called Shared Key Autenthication. While WAP (Wi-Fi Protected Access) is a security method developed to cover the weakness of WEP. This method of security protection is known as autenthication server. With this method the key given to each user is different from each other.

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