3 Most Important Hitch Cargo Carrier Accessories

folding cargo carrier

folding cargo carrierThere are many great hitch cargo carrier variations with outstanding quality and security is needed for them. This is why there are also some accessories made to make your luggage secured so it would be anti-theft and anti-falling. Without further ado, these are 3 most important accessories to secure your luggage:

Trailer Hitch Lock 

Have you ever thought of providing extra security for your cargo carrier so it won’t be stolen? Extra security is the main reason why you should purchase a trailer hitch lock. It slides into the pin hole of the hitch and locks on one side. There are choices of size and style of this lock that you can choose. Some of the locks can also be used to minimize rattling on your cargo carrier.

Anti-Rattle Device 

Whenever you have a cargo carrier, you must be annoyed by how many times the rattling on your carrier has disturb your comfort while doing road trips. This is why the anti-rattle device is made; not only reducing the rattling and wobbling but it eliminates the rattling and wobbling on your carrier. Some of these devices also have anti-theft locks to secure your luggage.


If you have the plan to go for road trip and you will go through a bumpy ride, make sure that your luggage is safe from falling; especially if the carrier is rattling. To keep your luggage safe and sound, you need to have some tie-downs like bungees, straps, and nets to secure your luggage onto the cargo carrier. Simply hook them onto the grates or rails to keep your luggage secured.

These 3 accessories are the most important among the others because these 3 guarantee the safety of your luggage. Whenever you want to go for the next road trip, make sure that you already have these 3 hitch cargo carrier accessories for more comfortable trip.

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