2018 Lexus LS 500 Overview: Craftsmanship That Yells, Technology That Depresses

2019 Lexus LS 500

The Nice

Even the LS 500 is Lexus’ most useful interior nonetheless, and also the ride is sufficient cushy.


The F-Sport trim supposes some softness for almost no game, also that smashed info-tainment is bothersome to utilize.

THE Bottomline

When you look beyond the horrible technology port, the LS 500 is just a fantastic reminder of exactly what Lexus really does most useful. However, if there is 1 area where Lexus proceeds to neglect, it’s with infotainment. When it is that the organization’s brand new touch-pad or previous mouse-type contraption, Lexus’ info-tainment offerings have fought with clunky interfaces for years, also it will not appear which will be changing any time in the future. Both these features come into a mind at the 2018 LS 500. Lexus’ latest big-body automobile is therefore good in lots of ways, but that I believe it’s being held back by its whole potential. I can not put all of the blame on your info-tainment, actually — only the majority of it.

Polarizing out, lush interior

While its competitors remain to descend on the side of conservative design, Lexus has been double back on its own love-it-or-hate-it strategy. Even the 2018 Lexus LS 500 comes with a frontend that is mostly grille, the backend is mainly creases and also the sides will be typical wavy-gravy lines. If you’d like a massive car with personality, the design will continue to work on your own favor. However, the superior material is located indoors. Even the LS 500’s interior could be the most useful of any Lexus yet. Brand new style stinks, by the quasi-floating arm-rests and also the robes on the door panels into how every lineup onto the dash board heads somewhere together intention. I actually don’t obey the odd little art setup item happening before the passenger chair, even when it seems somewhat chintzy once you touch. The F-Sport trimming brings a exceptional kind of chair, the one I end up being constantly comfy and inviting. A huge array of substances are available on offer in a couple of diverse colours, and that I specially like the brown-leather get-up using herringbone wood trimming — something that you can not access it F-Sport models. The Kiriko glass trimming option, which includes perhaps the most aesthetically striking trim of almost any car available on the current market, needs a $23,000 option package which comprises a executive back chair installation. Around I enjoy that glass I can not state it’s worth the price.

Sacrificing softness for game

2019 Lexus LS 500
2019 Lexus LS 500

In the event the Lexus F-Sport trimming were only a look package with bigger brakes, then that would be OK. However in addition, it includes sport-tuned elastic dampers which truly forbid the LS 500 out of displaying its maximum potential. The ride isn’t bad, not by a long haul. In spite of the F-Sport trim, the LS 500 is a lot of luxury, bathing in awful roads with nary a peep which makes its way right through the residents — Lexus’ noise-isolation is next to none. I discover that the ideal method to drive LS 500 would be to dismiss the hard disk drive manners and only leave it Comfort all of the time. That is where it seems most at home. I simply never feel rested driving the vehicle at a sporty fashion, therefore why work using milder dampers? Gone are the times of this V8 Powered LS. Currently, every LS 500 packs a twin-turbocharged V6 setting out 4-16 horsepower along with 442 pound-feet of torque. It isn’t exactly the best-sounding engine on Earth, but its own 10-speed automatic is designed to exchange cogs fast and smoothly, hence the caked remain low and also the ability remains silent. The EPA rates the LS 500 in 18 mpg city and 27 mpg highway with aerodynamic driveway, but that I came up short by roughly 2-3 mpg on both the fronts.

Fantastic technology, bad tech

There are numerous fantastic stuff to say regarding the LS 500’s match of in-car tech. There are just four USB ports, two at the start and 2 for back occupants. The discretionary 24-inch head up display is enormous, bright and generally only striking to behold. Lexus has been hit gold with its Mark Levinson soundsystems, too — that the 23-speaker structure from the LS has excellent fidelity and can be well worth every cent of the $2000 premium. The infotainment system, nevertheless, is abhorrent. The track-pad never feels ordinary, and it’s really quite simple to unintentionally swing the cursor beyond the planned target. It’s not quite impossible to utilize while driving the vehicle, which is still pretty annoying to utilize while stationary. The heated seat controls have been also infuriating. The single means to show them will be always to wade through two menus which want usage of this track pad. Exactly why do something that simple must be overly complicated? If you were driving Lexus vehicles for years, you may possibly have a grip on the Remote touch-system, but fresh buyers could have trouble getting comfortable. A good very simple touchscreen interface could have been a massive improvement, however, Lexus provides no such technology.

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