2018 Hummer H2 Review and Price

Hummer H2 (1)

Hummer H2 (1)Hummer has built itself through time as a legitimate household name over the stadium of vintage SUV vehicles. While keeping its character securely rooted in its own military heritage, Hummer is now a legitimate legend in regards to demanding, reliable, strong and comfortable luxury cars. In 2018, the newest assortment of H2 vehicles is now becoming a fresh release and an entire chain of upgrades, thereby bringing this timeless SUV version straight back in to the limelight. Hummer H4


Additionally, there really are always a number of changes which the brand new Hummer scope will exhibit, when compared with initial Hummer H2 version. Primarily, there’ll be an extensive array of choices regarding color and the total human body apparel. Additionally, the newest version will probably soon be larger than any prior iterations of this Hummer (currently supporting over 8,000 lbs of weight), in addition to oversize wheels (40 x 15.5 x 20). Front torsion bar suspension operates individually and it has been significantly enhanced, to be able to permit a much smoother and much more pleasing driving experience. It’s also likely to switch involving rear wheel drive and four wheel drive, even as the automobile is shifting the street. The 2018 H2 includes a fresh grill with all an Hummer logo, offering a brand new touch on the carĀ“s entire appearance. A number of improvements into the interior design also features also have been made.

Engine & Performance

The engine powering the H2 can be just a robust 6.0 liter V8, effective at 393 horse-power (or even 293 KW). With all these specs that are new, higher end and optimum efficacy are ensured. The automobile includes a six speed automatic transmission that’s moved to each of wheels, hence making it feasible to hold huge quantities of weight with greater ease.


If it involves the interior of this 2018 Hummer H2, the accent was placed to a sporty, pristine look. The color motif is a double design, with silver and black elements. The console today comes built with touchscreen screens and buttons that are colored. The premium excellent leather fit, in addition to the enlarged leg and head room earn driving the newest H2 more pleasing.


Your bodykit is offered in dark chrome, in addition to the timeless silver look. The brand new design is lively and edgy, giving the vehicle an awareness of durability together with greatest standards of luxury.

2018 Hummer H2 Release Date and Price

The standard release date to its 2018 H2 hasn’t been announced, however it’s widely believed to get started making its appearance prior to the end of 2015. Rates are inclined to be approximately $55,000, and may very well grow a little from the subsequent moths after the discharge.

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